High quality and diverse product range

forestbeesDecades of experience and determined development of production enables our high quality selection of products. We produce rare honey types that the mother nature provides us in different parts of Finland in areas varied by the vegetation and micro climate. In the western Finland we use the fields, meadows and heaths. The uninhabited forest and swamp areas in the eastern Finland give our honey a wild nature, while in the northern Polar Circle the midsummer nights and the vegetation of Lapland gives a unique spark to our honey.

We cannot compete with the price with the cheap mass production countries. We consider the vegetation, the cleanliness of the area and the professional treatment of the honey. We always work on the terms of the nature and have our priorities in the quality over the quantity. Our beehives are places far away from the common roads and suburbs, which guarantees the high quality of our honey.

Unique honeys

You could imagine, that honey always tastes pretty much the same and is either runny or solid. The honey you find from the supermarkets can consist of nectar from tens or even hundreds of kinds of flowers, when it is hard to distinguish the flavours or types. Mostly the mass-produced honey types from mixed nectar are a potpourri of uncontrolled flavour. A professional beekeeper does not let the different types of flowers and nectar to get mixed together. By developing the production and adding working hours it is possible to produce local specialties and specific honey types.

specialhoney The honey types collected mainly from one certain plant are named by the original plant, like heather honey and buckwheat honey. In these honeys, the characters of the original flower are strongly represented and recognizable in flavour, colour, smell and consistency. Beekeeper can collect certain honey from a specific area, where the plant grows in big numbers. The bees collect the nectar from the closest plants to reduce the workload and the effective flying range is only 3 kilometres. The beekeeper brings the empty beehives to the area in the blooming season. When the flowers are done with blooming, the beehives are immediately taken away from the area.

The specific types of honey are the royals of the honey, because the flavours are clean and the honey consists mainly nectar from just one kind of flower. The tastes are original and memorable, like the hints of caramel and carnation in the lingonberry honey or the slight bitterness of the heather honey. In the cloudberry honey you can find the lush aroma of the swamp, and the buckwheat honey gives a malty smell and taste and harmonic burned sugar flavour. You never forget a delicious taste! In Lappi-Hunaja we use a lot of time and effort to produce our honey. For us honey is like wine. For some people wine is just red or white, when others can taste hundreds of different flavours.

Our unique honeys are carefully selected pearls of the best flavours from the Finnish nature. For example, our Arctic Honey production takes place as transfer farming in the uninhabited areas in North Karelia and Northern Savonia. There is no inhabitation, farms or fields in the flying range of the bees, which results to pure and natural honey. These are the honeys and honey products we produce: the availability depends on the growing season and circumstances.

  • Arctic honey 115g, 275g and 1,3kg
  • Nordic Summer 115g, 275g and 1,3kg
  • Golden Autumn 115g, 275g and 1,3kg
  • Breeze of Spring 115g and 275g
  • Midnight Sun 115g and 275g
  • Dance of the Northern Lights 115g and 275g
  • Enchanted Forest 115g
  • Heather honey 115g and 275g
  • Buchwheat honey 115g and 275g
  • Nightless Night 115g
  • Cloudberry honey 115g
  • Lingonberry honey 115g
  • Blueberry honey 115g
  • Lapland's Taiga honey 115g
  • Inari 115g

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Flavoured honeys

flavouredhoney You can only call honey as honey, if there is nothing added to it. If you mix honey with aroma, oil or a powder, it is called a honey product. This fact also must be clearly marked in the package and be visible in the name. The base of our flavoured honeys is the mouth-watering real natural honey (98-99% of the product). The flavoured honeys are a versatile addition to desserts, drinks and bakery items or as a spread for toast or buns. The availability of aromatized honey may vary from year to year and seasonally.

  • Winterfresh 115g and 275g (eucalyptus)
  • Grandpa’s New Honeydream (cognac, apple and cinnamon)
  • Peppermint Drop 115g and 275g (peppermint)
  • Lemon Flirt 115g and 275g (lemon)
  • Vanilla Temptation 115g and 275g (vanilla)
  • Morning Sun 115g and 275g (orange)
  • Coffee Blossom 115g and 275g (coffee)
  • Frosty Flower 115g and 275g (vodka and propolis)
  • Polar King 115g and 275g (salty liquorice, liquorice and anis)
  • Raspberry Kiss 115g and 275g (raspberry)
  • Ginger Wonder 115g and 275g (ginger)
  • GinHoney 115g (gin, fennel and juniper)

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Other honey products

In our product selection we also have other products like our delicious honey spiced mustards; edible sauna honey for skincare; propolis drops and pollen collected by the bees.

Sauna honey

Spread sauna honey on your whole body, but avoid the skin around eyes. Allow it to rest for 10-20 minutes and after that rinse it with water. Sauna honey is completely natural product that contains peeling crystals as in its natural consistency. It is fat free and completely edible, as it is 100% natural honey with nothing added to it!


sinapit All our mustards are free of cholesterol, gluten, egg and milk. All the mustards contain honey as one of the ingredients.

  • Adopted Son 80ml (garlic)
  • Bear Claw 80ml (curry, mustard- and poppy seeds)
  • Bucking Elk 80ml (tar liquor and pepper)
  • Feisty Feline 80ml (chili and coriander)
  • Reindeer Antler 80ml (lingonberry)

Propolis drops

Propolis is a bee wax product that is collected from the buds of deciduous and coniferous trees and produced by the bees. The bees collect most of their propolis in the spring and autumn. Propolis has an important task of protecting the beehive from bacteria, yeast and even viral diseases. Propolis is known as a concentrate in Natural food stores, but it is also used as an ingredient in many pharmacy and health care products. About 1/10000 people are allergic to propolis, so a new user should start with small portions. The right amount is 5-15 drops 1-3 times a day mixed with water, juice or with a cube of sugar. You can also use propolis as it is, but the taste might be quite strong at first. Notice! Propolis can colour dishes brown.

Propolis includes:

  • 50-55 % amber and balsam
  • 20-35 % plant and bee wax
  • 5-10 % etheric oils
  • 5 % pollen
  • Over 40 different flavonoids

Pollen collected by the bees

siitepolyIn addition to the nectar, bees collect pollen as a protein and vital nutrition to the larvae. Pollen sticks to the hair of the bee while it is collecting nectar, and it is brushing it from there to pollen pockets in the outer part of their back legs. You can see the pollen as big yellow balls by the legs when the bees are visiting flowers. Beekeepers can collect the pollen by placing a pollen collector net to the beehive, so the pollen falls off when the bee enters the beehive. The colour and the size of pollen pearls varies a lot. It can be yellow, brown, reddish or even almost black.

You can eat pure pollen 1-3 teaspoons a day. It is easy to use in yogurt, quark, milkshake, smoothie, fruit salad or porridge.

Pollen includes:

  • proteins 20 %
  • 20 different amino acids
  • carbohydrates
  • A, C, E, and B-vitamins
  • flavonoids
  • enzymes
  • Minerals: K, Na, Ca, Mg, P, S, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Ti, ZN

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