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29.03.2019 - Honey for everyday meals and delicious snacks

Honey can be used in various ways in cooking, on breakfast and baking. It can almost always replace sugar in recipes. Here we have collected some amazing recipes and ideas for you to use honey with.

Breakfast smoothie
1 dl Fresh or frozen strawberries
1 Apple
2 dl Blueberry juice (without sugar)
1 rkl Oatmeal flakes
1 rkl Vanilla Wonder-honey
Combine ingredients and mix in blender

Main dish: Honey roasted chicken, oven vegetables and yoghurt sauce
1 packet of Chicken filets

1 tbsp of Arctic Honey
1 tbsp of Olive Oil

Half a lime

Salt and preferred spices

Root vegetables in the oven
Half of a Broccoli

1 large carrot
2 large potatoes
1 sweet pepper
1 Onion
Half of a Zucchini
1 tbsp of Autumn Honey

Provencial or Italian Herbs
Oil the dish. Slice all the root vegetables in thin slices and drizzle with oil. Put the chicken filets and vegetables in the oven for about 45 minutes in 175 degrees.

Yoghurt sauce
1 dl Greek yoghurt
2 tbsp Cream cheese
Pinch of fresh basil
1 Chili pepper

Fresh garlic and herbs
1 tsp Arctic Hon
Combine ingredients and mix in blender.

An idea for dessert
1 Small goats cheese
1 tbsp Enchanted forest-honey
Nuts and fried fruit

Plate up and enjoy!

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