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29.03.2019 - Honey for everyday meals and delicious snacks

Honey can be used in various ways in cooking, on breakfast and baking. It can almost always replace sugar in recipes. Here we have collected some amazing recipes and ideas for you... Read more

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23.02.2019 - Pollen is natures super food

Early signs of spring are in the air. The couple centimetres of snow that appeared last month have been rapidly disappearing from sight. Beehives were beautifully covered in a... Read more

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10.01.2019 - Storm brought winter landscape to Finland

Christmas market season is over again, year 2019 has begun and our honey team has arrived back to Finland facing the worst winter storm of the season. Whole Finland is suffering... Read more

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24.08.2018 - New online shop is now open

We have good news for friends of honey. Polar Honey Finland's new and modern online shop has been opened at Using is now easier also with mobile... Read more

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09.08.2018 - Beekeepers son is curious about the bees

It’s been such an incredibly sunny and hot summer! The heat has been especially beneficial for the honey production in the Northern and Eastern Finland. In the west parts of... Read more

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21.06.2018 - Beekeeping and creatures of the forest

In the end of May we transferred bees from their winter sleep station in western Finland about thousand kilometre north to the polar circle. You can spot various forest dwellers... Read more

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12.02.2018 - Various ways to use honey

Honey can be used in many different ways, just like sugar. Mostly we are just not used to in using honey like that, as people seem to see honey as something that is thought for a... Read more

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19.01.2018 - Chilly winter greetings from Finland!

We are very thankful for all of you numerous visitors in our huts at Christmas markets all around Germany! Even when the days at the market are long and busy for our hardworking... Read more

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01.09.2017 - Our new website has been launched!

The new website of Polar Honey Finland has been launched. We hope that you like what you see! There is even more information about honey, production and our products than before.... Read more

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17.08.2017 - Bears crave for arctic honey

Despite the unusually cold summer we have collected some honey. It has been the coldest summer in decades. Some parts of Finland have lacked a single hot day, when usually they... Read more

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